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The Story of Sailor Knot Bracelets

The Story of Sailor Knot Bracelets

Discover the legend and lore of Sailor Knot Bracelets, and how the maritime tradition became a beachside favorite enjoyed by thousands year after year.

During times at sea… Old time sailors made bracelets from ropes off their ships to show off their knot making skills. In addition to a pastime, there is a dual functionality to these rope bracelets because they used them to wipe their brow during physical activities, such as cleaning the deck, and lifting cargo and supplies on and off the deck. (Definitely not the easiest task in the world.)

But, that is only part of the sailor knot story…

These maritime bracelets were believed to bring the wearer good fortune and keep them safe during their time at sea. It is a said, that sailors would handcraft these knot bracelets to bring to a sweetheart when they arrived back in port. These ‘sailor’ bracelets acted as a token of affection and served as a reminder when the sailor went back to the ocean to sail again, their loved one had something to remember them by.

“I can hear the ringing ship bells, and sea birds already…”

The Meaning Behind Sailor Knot Bracelets

A Beachside Classic

Today, sailor knot bracelets are a recreation of this timeless seaside accessory. When summer is around the corner folks tend to pick up their sailor bracelets every at the beginning of season. The bracelets shrink to your wrist in ocean water (or just in your kitchen sink). You would wear it all summer long and the braids of the sailor knot would endure, and eventually would have to be cut off at the end of summer signifying warm memories, and good times had with friends and family. Thus, the tradition and legend continues until next year.

Wear it yourself or give it to a friend for good luck.

Transcending the typical timing, particularly in Florida and the Caribbean due to the area’s year round warmth, this turk’s knot bracelet tradition (AKA: sailor knot bracelet tradition) can be started anytime, especially around Spring Break and worn to the beginning of summer and beyond.

The Official Bracelet of Good Times

Set Sail With Sailor Knots

If your looking to set sail on a few sailor knot bracelets to get the good times started and channel your inner sailor, shop over 9 colors of sailor knot bracelets.